works with all newsreaders in the market today. If you don't have a news reader yet, you can download :

Outlook Express  - click to download

- simple java binary downloader, with source:  - free
BNR2 - free
WinVN, with source code:  - free

ASP1-A3 for pictures:  - trial
AutoPix for pictures only:  - free download
Binary News Assistant - pre-release
Binary Vortex for pictures only:  - free download
Express NewsPictures for binaries:  - free download
NewsReactor build 6822:  - shareware
Newsbin 4 beta:  - free trial
NovusNews 0.99 beta:  - pre-release
Pluckit, binary searcher:  - demo
QuadSucker/News, multithreaded downloader optimized for images:  - free download
Tifny - trial
Japanese HyperNewsReader - free download
Japanese News Extractor - free download

Diiva 1.0.3 for OSX: 
Halime, free news reader for OSX - preview: 
Hogwasher 3.0 (OSX): 
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX): 
Newsflash, free newsreader for OSX: 
NewsHunter (OSX):  
PixNewsLite, for pictures:  
yEnc TZ - freeware decoder: 

Answers to most questions can be found HERE

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